Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Improvements

In the spirit of recycling, I took some of my old art that had been done 
for the "Daddy Did My Hair" book  as a style test but rejected and made it new 
and applied it to another story/poem that I wrote. 
The two seemed to go together well.  

Making Improvements

by Lisa Workman

Yesterday I was naughty.
Yesterday I was bad.
Yesterday I did some things to make
my mom and daddy mad.

I took my brothers blankie from him
and he really cried.
When I said "I didn't do it!"
Daddy knew that I had lied.

I asked my mom to let me have
a friend over to play.
But every time she grabbed a toy
I snatched it back away.

I got into momma's make-up
that she keeps inside her purse.
I made a mess and my attempts
to clean-up made it worse.

Yesterday I spent some time
in the naughty chair. 
So I did some big-time thinking
while I was sitting there.

Mommy tucked me into bed
at the end of yesterday. 
She asked God to help me
make improvements for today.

So today that's what I did.
You'll be very glad to see!
Today I made improvements
to be a better me!

This morning mommy dressed me 
and then she did my hair.
I added some barretts and clips
to make improvements there.

I looked into the mirror and
I saw how I was dressed.
I added some accessories
to help me look my best.

I went downstairs to play
and I picked up my guitar.
I know that if I practice
I can be a super star.

Improvements in my hair and clothes
should make my parents proud.
They are sure to hear improvements
If I keep on playing loud.

So I asked them if they liked
all of these things that I improved.
I saw a tear in momma's eye
so I knew that she was moved.

She picked me up and gave me
a big kiss upon my head.
She wiped the tear and to my surprise
This is what she said:

"The things we need to work on
to improve just who we are,
Are not our clothes, accessories,
or being a super-star.

We improve when we are truthful, helpful,
thoughtful, kind, and caring.
We are better when we stop
being selfish and start sharing.

Today I 'll make improvements
I hope that you will see
Today I’ll do just what it takes
To be a better me.

© Lisa Workman2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Do Hummingbirds Drink Nectar?

This story is a Native American folk-tale akin to 
"The Tortoise and the Hare".
I will summarize.

The Heron and the hummingbird start out as friends who
fish for food in the same waters.

The hummingbird becomes worried that the Heron is eating
more than his fair share so she comes up with the plan for
a race. The winner has fishing rights,
and the loser has to find food elsewhere.

The hummingbird is  quickly in the lead and flies miles ahead.
The Heron is slow and lumbers along.

The hummingbird wastes hours sipping nectar from
a field of red sage. The heron slowly catches up.

The hummingbird speed miles ahead again but then 
figures that she is so far ahead that she can easily stop
and sleep and easily beat the heron to the finish 
in the morning but the heron flies steadily through the night.

Obviously, the heron wins.

And that's why herons eat fish 
and hummingbirds ...

drink nectar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Peek Into My Sketchbook,...

Here are some random sketches not really in a sketchbook.
 Just a few loose sketches that escaped the throw away pile. 
You can't keep them all... but I'm glad that I held on to these.

Sometimes the quick concept sketch has more life
than the ones you labor over for hours. This is one of those little gems. 
This was my very first vision for "Daddy Did my Hair Today" 
Still my favorite.

little boy

little boy, big attitude
(This was salvaged from a piece of scrap paper.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A taste of my latest book...

Rex and the Fly 

by Lisa Workman 
Story and Illustrations © Lisa Workman 2011

Rex was resting on a rock when by chance he did spy 
buzzing around his head, a teeny, tiny, little fly. 
He was feeling kind of hungry so he thought he would try 
to make a little snack of that little black fly.

He chased that fly until he needed a break.
Then he passed by Sally with a great big chocolate cake.
Sally said, “Get that fly right out of your head!
Forget about it! Eat some chocolate cake instead!”

Story and art © Lisa Workman 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strawberry Evolution

My how She has changed over the years!

In the beginning, this was the original piece that established the style.

These are some pieces I did for the first Strawberry Shortcake Style Guide put out by American Greetings in 2002

Scene from the first Strawberry book, "Meet Strawberry Shortcake"

Another Scene from the first book

Art pieces from "Strawberry Shortcake's Cookbook"

This was one book from a series of Scholastic's "Book of the Month Club" craft and activity books my husband Terry and I worked on together. As we were working on this book,  American Greetings was making changes to the character. The top shows the new updated smaller head and bigger eyes.

One of many activities from the series.

This is from a book that played music.

an interior spread from the music book

Strawberry traveled the world in "Strawberry Shortcake's World of Friends"

In "The World of Friends Scrap-book" she traveled to "Niceland" I really enjoyed working
on this book as well as the stickers and postcards that went with it.

This is Art from the back of a DVD cover. The DVD was called SSC's "Growing Up Dreams"

My first attempt at the new characters.
This is a sketch from "My First Sleepover"

This is a scene from Strawberry Shortcake's "Ballet School"
I really love the changes that American Greetings has made to her.

Testing 1,2,3...

Sometimes the licensor requires a test before allowing an artist to work on the property. Here are a couple of those tests that I did. I ended up doing a lot of "Holly Hobbie" work but even though I was approved for "Dora", Never got a single piece. Hmmm, I thought it was pretty good too.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boy & Hamster Sketches

Sketch for storybook characters
not used by client. Sometimes the best
sketches get tossed aside. 

In this sketch the hamster is trying to get
the boy to take him home from the pet store.
The kid says,..."I don't know,.... I was kinda hopin' for a puppy."

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Holly Hobbie and Friends

DVD Cover For American Greetings'
Holly Hobbie and Friends
"Fabulous Fashion Show"

Sketch from HHF paper doll book

One of my favorite HHF illustrations
never published.

DVD cover
"HHF Marvelous Makeover"

Illustration from HHF Scrapbook... not published
Too bad. It was also one of my favorites.

Art from Strawberry Shortcake's "My First Sleepover"
©2010 Grosset and Dunlap
Strawberry Shortcake @American Greetings

Art from Strawberry Shortcake's Ballet School"
©2010 Grosset and Dunlap
Strawberry Shortcake @American Greetings
 Strawberry Shortcake ©2009AGC

 Strawberry Shortcake ©2009AGC