Friday, December 16, 2011

Making Improvements

In the spirit of recycling, I took some of my old art that had been done 
for the "Daddy Did My Hair" book  as a style test but rejected and made it new 
and applied it to another story/poem that I wrote. 
The two seemed to go together well.  

Making Improvements

by Lisa Workman

Yesterday I was naughty.
Yesterday I was bad.
Yesterday I did some things to make
my mom and daddy mad.

I took my brothers blankie from him
and he really cried.
When I said "I didn't do it!"
Daddy knew that I had lied.

I asked my mom to let me have
a friend over to play.
But every time she grabbed a toy
I snatched it back away.

I got into momma's make-up
that she keeps inside her purse.
I made a mess and my attempts
to clean-up made it worse.

Yesterday I spent some time
in the naughty chair. 
So I did some big-time thinking
while I was sitting there.

Mommy tucked me into bed
at the end of yesterday. 
She asked God to help me
make improvements for today.

So today that's what I did.
You'll be very glad to see!
Today I made improvements
to be a better me!

This morning mommy dressed me 
and then she did my hair.
I added some barretts and clips
to make improvements there.

I looked into the mirror and
I saw how I was dressed.
I added some accessories
to help me look my best.

I went downstairs to play
and I picked up my guitar.
I know that if I practice
I can be a super star.

Improvements in my hair and clothes
should make my parents proud.
They are sure to hear improvements
If I keep on playing loud.

So I asked them if they liked
all of these things that I improved.
I saw a tear in momma's eye
so I knew that she was moved.

She picked me up and gave me
a big kiss upon my head.
She wiped the tear and to my surprise
This is what she said:

"The things we need to work on
to improve just who we are,
Are not our clothes, accessories,
or being a super-star.

We improve when we are truthful, helpful,
thoughtful, kind, and caring.
We are better when we stop
being selfish and start sharing.

Today I 'll make improvements
I hope that you will see
Today I’ll do just what it takes
To be a better me.

© Lisa Workman2011

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